Taking a Step way back

This lady right here as been my friend since the 3rd grade. We became really close as the years went on. We have been there for each other through some awesome fun times, sad times, and blah times. It doesn’t matter how old you are you always remember the special moments that you have with great friends. I have some many fond memories with Kari. We were at each others house’s I swear every weekend if not we talked on the phone or seen each other in school. I have been thinking about writing about my friendship with her for a while. So here is what I am going to write about. Some of our fun times, some sad and others. I hope Kari never forgets how much her friendship and love over the years has been so important to me.

Like I said I met Kari in the 3rd grade. I think if memory serves me right she had Mrs. Irish and I had omg Ms. Zimmerman (Can’t remember for sure that far back is a little hard for me but I remember my 2nd grade teacher well!) All I remember for sure is that Kari and I didn’t have the same teacher in 3rd grade. We went through the year as friends. 4th grade came and we were closer that is for sure. It was always fun playing with Kari as a kid.

We didn’t have the same teachers for most of our years until we hit middle school. We had Mr. Klapper together. He was always such an awesome teacher. We really liked him. We would go clap on clap off. You know the joke. It was sad to learn he had passed a few years ago. Then we had Mr. Labelle (sp?)(We called him Mr. Toupee…)If you had him you would understand. That class was hard to make it through. Especially videos I don’t know how many times I feel asleep…Then I think we had Mr. Wittmann together. If not we talked about him because he was another awesome teacher. Mrs. Sandlin was pretty awesome to I loved her class. As we shared all these teachers we shared our favorite things about each and laughed at some things.

High School was good for the first 2 years for sure. I think that we ended up having all of our classes together our Junior or Senior year and I think we both learned as much as we loved each other as friends that having 8 classes together was a bit much.

One of my memories of Kari and I are when we went with her parents to the Milwaukee Zoo. It was such a hot day that day. We had so much fun though. I remember that we were on our way back home and we stopped off at the rest stop to use the bathroom and maybe eat some sandwiches and just take a break from being in the vehicle. That was the first and only time I had been to the Milwaukee Zoo.

My second favorite memory is when we had my Sweet 16th Birthday party. Oh it was so much fun. Anyways, I had no clue about it. I remember that I had asked my mom to spend the night at Kari’s because it was what we did. Well, we had fun that is for sure. I don’t remember if we walked to my house or her dad drove us. I am thinking her dad might had driven us. As we are going in the back door to my house. I see that the kitchen is decorated and a group of my friends come out from where they are hiding and then shout surprise. OMG was I surprised my Auntie Julie came up from Illinois I was so very excited. It was the best birthday that I had ever had I have to say.

My third memory that I have is our prom. We pretty much went together cause we didn’t have boyfriends. We went out to dinner, then we went to the dance which was fun. Although we didn’t dance much more or less just stood around. Then we went and cruised College Ave. As always it was a great time to be had.

There are many more memories that I have with her that I will never forget. I recently visited Kari and her kids that was Father’s Day weekend. We swam, ate pizza, and just talked. I have been home now 2 weeks. I had some en lighting moments in that short trip. Kari will always be my best friend no matter what happens in life. I know that we will be there for one another however we can. Even if it is just to talk to through Facebook Messenger. I know that I do not want it to be another 4 or 5 years before I see her. Aside from going home next year for Amanda and Dean’s wedding. I know would like to switch off who comes where but I know that can be hard. I really hope she and the kids can make it to our place. I am sure they would love it and it’s not like we do not have the room. So with that being said Kari never, ever forget how important you are to me and how much I love you! I will always be here for you when ever you need me. Even if it is to bit__ about Dan. I hope you realize how much not seeing you when ever I want hurts. But I have faith that we will make a point to see each other at least once a year. Hell there is also Google Hangouts where we can talk face to face. 🙂 Love you girly…..

To my readers I hope you enjoyed learning about one of my greatest friends!