A reason why…

After taking a poll on Facebook to see if people would be interested in the things I had to say and write about I decided what the hell. I mind you I am human and I will make mistakes from time to time but don’t we all. I want to share with my readers what it was like for me to become a parent at a young age, losing the most important person in my life, moving to a different state, getting married, having a less then stellar relationship with my dad, having another baby, educational journey, healthier life style, and personal change and growth through all of these life events.

I am new to this so bare with me because I am not really sure where I want to start. I suppose I will pick a topic a day to write about and go from there. There is a place I believe after each post to make comments and ask questions. Please do not hesitate at all. If I can answer I will if I don’t feel that I should share then I simply will not.