Turning 21 and what happened after

Barley got to enjoy being 21 going out with friends and what not. After all I celebrated my 21 with my mom and good friend Jamie Jack! At Sabre Lanes…. I did have some good drinks though that night and good dinner. We went to Red Robin. Who doesn’t love some clucks and fries!! 

Fast forward a month maybe and I was dating this guy Ryan. Ryan and I did more than just date we created a little human. Which I confirmed with a home pregnancy test. Mind you I still have to tell my mom about this tiny human growing inside of me. Oh, and I had an addiction to nicotine. Which I knew was not good for my baby. 

I told my mom that I was pregnant. That was a lot easier but I was scared. I guess I didn’t want her to think any less of me because I did my life out of order. At this point I was probably about a month along. I was feeling like crap. I was having stomach pains and I told my mom and asked her what I should do and she told me to go to the ER. So, I had the then boyfriend drop me off. (It was the last day we dated because things ended with him. He decided to go back to his ex. Which in hind site I was totally good with.) I am in the ER and telling them that I am pregnant and have stomach pains. I thought that I was having a miscarriage I did not know the difference. They did a bunch of different tests on me. Stomach ultra sounds and a vaginal ultra sound (very uncomfortable). So after spending 8 hours in the emergency room that day.

The doctor state that there was nothing wrong with me and that the ultra sound technician had heard 2 healthy strong heart beats. In my head I was like what the hell did he just say. So, at this point I was just looking at him and asked him to repeat what he had just said. He then told me that I was not having only 1 baby but twins.  At which point I was just in complete shock. I then called my mom as she was still at work and said I was done with the ER and proceeded to tell her that I was expecting twins.

She picked me up and we went home and began planning for twins babies/grand babies. Mind you at this time I still had to tell my dad…which is a story for another day. So there is how my mom and I found out together that I was having twins. This is when I knew I would be a single mom for a while and you know what I was okay with that. I didn’t need anyone but my family.