Feeling miserable while being pregnant

So, remember when I said telling my dad was a whole different story. It truly was… My momma did it for me pretty much. I thought that he would have been madder but he took it pretty well. My mom told him over the phone while she was at work and I was standing next to her. So that took most of the brunt away from me. Thanks mom I will never ever forget you doing that for me.

The first 3 to 4 months of my pregnancy were miserable. I hated not feeling well at all. I remember that there was one time my mom had to pull off the side of the road so that I could throw up my cereal I just ate. It was not a pretty picture for all involved. I have some early pregnancy pictures that I will share eventually. 

I remember that I had to have my system restarted essentially 2 or 3 times because, I became so dehydrated and I was not gaining weight in fact I was losing weight not gaining. I remember my mom uttering these words to me..I had to start eating and not throwing up if I wanted to go on Vacation with my Auntie Julie. Which we were going to Escanaba. This is where my great auntie’s live and where I spent many of summers with my gram, great gram and auntie. After my trip was threatened i started eating and holding down the things I was eating and that was it for the sickness.

The rest of the pregnancy was rather smooth. I had my mom who took me to appointments and a family friend Rick. Some times I would go by myself. At the time I found out I was pregnant I worked full-time as  a truck packer at Banta Book Group. That was a fun job for the most part. However, I wanted to cut down to part-time because of my illness. Since I couldn’t do that I ended up quitting. Stupid move on my part at the time but oh well you live and you learn. There was one time that I went out to eat with Rick to Burger King. I know bad food…but, at that time I didn’t do what I do now. I remember being there sitting with him and some higher up from the Banta Book Group came in and were just staring at us probably thinking he was the dad. We had a good laugh about that. Oh and the older ladies what a hoot. 

I don’t remember what job I got after I was pregnant. I think that I ended up getting a lot of help from my mom and dad. With the things that I needed for my babies, myself and just daily living.

So we are coming upon my delivery of twins…Oh my what an experience that was but, I am going to hold off telling you anymore for know. Gotta keep the suspense going a little. 



Author: jlynn1812

A mother of 3, a wife, a student and a employee

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